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descriptionCreation Master 11 BETA 6.3 EmptyCreation Master 11 BETA 6.3


El master rinaldo publico el beta 6.3 de su Creation master, este tiene como novedades ingresar datos mas rápidamente para la creación de parches y es compatible con datos usados en dbmaster, usando un "world wide compatible format" para poder generalizar todos los parches creados.


BETA 6.2: Bug Fixed

•A Team removed from one league is added to the RoW.
•The formupdate table was not updated properly (this may cause a crash in manager mode)
•Expected newspaper image size was incorrect. (it must be 1024 x 128)
•Added copy paste function for kit positions.
•Added the possibility to assign a formation to a team other than at team creation time.
•Teamkits record are not inserted into CMP file
•The button for getting new id in the Licensed Tournament returns an incorrect id.

BETA 6.1: Bug Fixed

•Opponent team always appear to be "Arsenal"
•Shoes 3D model import/export/remove do not work
•Crash while importing CMP patch if the local Culture requires a comma as decimal separator
•Kit items positions not saved properly
•Importing kit in CMP patches use an incorrect kit identifier
BETA 6.0:

•Added CMP patch creator and loader
•Some bugs fixed (whoops: I’ve lost the list)
BETA 5.2:

•Double click for Stadium label in team form doesn’t work
•The following settings in stadium page do not work
◦Deep Net
◦Opposite View
◦Time and Weather
•Added police selection to stadium form.
•Boots set forced to 0 0
•The Button (Randomize) in Player Tab (info) is not Activated.
•In Teams Tab drop down list [country] not saves.
•Shorts number is always shown in 3D model
•Show name in 3D models
BETA 5: the following bugs have been fixed

•After cloning a kit the original is shown incorrectly (resambling the cloned one)
•3D shoes shown also when view button is disabled.
•Add scroll bars.
•Assign national team to a country does't work
•Positions in kits are saved only when textures are saved, they need their own save button
•In the referees page I cannot change hair style for "modern".
•Add the possibility to preset Formation to a genric module
•Changed role identification addin languga dependent acronym
•Added the possibility to import ttf
•Added the possibility to show default shoes with different colors
•Added Sponsors
•Added Stadiums
•Added the possibility to edit tournaments used in tournament mode
•When the id of a team is changed the teamid of the corresponding formation is not updated
•Added the possibility to move hair for specific heads.
BETA 4:the following bugs have been fixed

•Incorrect rendering of hair models
•Can neither create or modify the referees.
•The cup does not save the picture.
•Addes the possibility to delete Kit
•Added a button to delete minikit
•Added button to delete miniface
•Minikits are Not saved
•Minifaces are saved but are not visible in game.
•Accessory colors shown incorrectly
•DB modified outside CM are not loaded properly
•Change of specific hair textures is not effective in game
•Leagues "Fifa career saved teams" and "World League" country set as Albania
•Cannot see or change team id
•Loading kit texture images causes incorrect positioning of badge and numbers.
•Loading kitnumber images of a new set causes a crash
•Do not show back number in game
•Removed appears in tounament check box
BETA 3:the following bugs have been fixed

•It's not possible add more groups in the edit competition.
•Created shoes are not visible when CM 11 is restarted.
•Cannot save trophy picture (Trophy Template File is missed)
•Randomize player appearance may cause a crash
•Preferred position 2 randomly changes when touching other player attributes
•Changing the name of the stadium or the stadium model causes a crash.
•Creating a new ball and loading the textures causes a crash
•The same happens for boots too.

BETA 2:the following bugs have been fixed

•Error 10000, CM extracts the database in the wrong folder
•Crash when selecting Free Agent in players window
•Messages don't show description text
•"File Open Select All" works just like "Open Select Language"
•Any change to player names is not saved in the database
•After save and reload some substitutes in the Formation are missed.
•Player Id not shown properly in the Player form (always 200000)
•Cannot select the OK button after clicking the "Team #" buttons of a tournament
•When adjusting the averages of player skills, not all parameters are recalculated
•Reflexes and potential not saved in the database
· Shoes cannot be saved because template files are missed

· Country of new leagues is always set to Albania

descriptionCreation Master 11 BETA 6.3 EmptyRe: Creation Master 11 BETA 6.3

Oe no seria mejor que traduzcas las explicaciones? Yo si entiendo manyas, pero no todo el mundo habla ingles.

PD: Mi post #100, YEEEAH! :primeropues:
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